Two rescued Blue & Gold macaws Tucson Avian Adoption and Rescue Foundation (TARA) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to rescue parrots in need of new homes, no matter the reason, and to improve the lives of companion birds.

Our goals are simple:

  • To educate the public;

  • To reunite lost birds with their families;

  • To help birds remain in their homes when possible;

  • To place unwanted birds in caring homes with educated caregivers.


  • Our Parrot Care Class is held monthly in Tucson and occasionally in Phoenix. Everyone who wants to adopt a TARA bird must take a Parrot Care Class; the cost is $45 per family; and even if you're not planning to adopt a bird but just want more and better information on how to care for your own bird, taking this class is a great idea. Advance registration is required. For more information, call 520-747-0554.

  • Our 2012 Parrot Care class schedule is now available. The next three classes are on Saturday January 14, Sunday February 19, and Saturday March 17. For more info, call 520-747-0554.

  • Our birds available for adoption are now all listed on Petfinder. We currently have a ton of 'toos and other birds needing good homes.

  • Check out our Basic Parrot Care page, which provides information on nutrition, cages, perches, behavior, and household hazards. This is a somewhat stripped down version of our parrot care class Powerpoint presentation. (See below.) If you only have a dial-up connection or don't have Powerpoint on your computer, this is the one to check out.

  • Our TARA Parrot Care Class Powerpoint presentation is available free of charge to groups and invididuals who will put it to not-for-profit use. We updated it in mid-March 2011.

    (When you click on the link to the presentation, if it doesn't automatically open in Powerpoint, a window will pop up asking you what program to use. Specify Powerpoint, and when the presentation comes up, simply hit "save as," specify a folder, and it'll be saved to your hard drive. Also please note that this is a big [close to 50 meg] file, so it might take a while to download if you have a slow connection. Finally, this material is copyrighted, but all that we ask is that you properly credit TARA if you use it in public presentations.)
    a rescued Moluccan cockatoo

    Contact Information

    TARA - Tucson Avian Rescue and Adoption Foundation
    P.O. Box 36984
    Tucson, Arizona 85704
    Telephone: 520-747-0554
    Or contact us at admin(at)tarafoundation(dot)com.
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